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MMU Rumble Season 3

Olla Watsup.. ok Ok MMU did not close for good. Well just for 24 hours. Why? well it is because of the recent earthquake In indonesia.( Hope they be fine).. Well alot had happened since that day after exam, and stuff. Hurm. Let me see.. from last week. after math exam which is i barely pass. came Physic exam, and stat. I hope i did well in physic. stat? huhuhu Glad that over. k Ok i been such Emo to some Of my friends. Sorry (-_-).. Well i am now hapy as usual. I learned that Life can be tough. You will not get what you want but chearish it. * secret~~ (^_^)~~~ (ceh berangan je lebih — just ignore this line)

What had i learn from last week? Well i know i might not be the best in the thins i want or people want but you might be good in something else unconsciously. for that i still haven found what it is. but the only thing that i know it is making people happy, feeling better, entertaining people even you are a Geek, OTaku, Nerdy, ect. yeah I know. I am not the best looking person in class, i am not the most trendy person i also not the most urm… Well i dunno. you guys know it. heheh i also not good in games, and other stuff.. Haitzzz this reminds me alot of manga or aime character like Love hina or ah my goddess.,, (google them)

Heheh why i am feeling better now? hohoho.. Well this is because i lear the truth that my parents are also like me. well before depress me. they also are loose back during their Uni. (haitzz) and guess what they still make it as Doctors. (haitz) Well the important thing is that Is learning is for Using it Later in life. Not for CGPA or GPA.( well this is also important) but think bout it. will it be use if you could not use the knowledge while working?

Well i made my decision i might be staying Melaka for another 3 years. So It may be hard to meet with you guys. (Sob….) I want to be the best. at least Better. thank you for reading this Blog. Post a comment at http://theadvanceshipyard.blogspot.com/

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  1. vhanded
    March 15, 2007 at 11:51 pm

    Not bad, I agree with paragraph 3, CGPA sucks la….

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