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Cartoon shows that people Might watched.

YO! this is the first time i am trying to make a blog to the people and not for me.
huhuh actually i did once this is just for fun because i tried a test at where i live.

well the test was uploading Old Tv theme and cartoon songs for sharing purpose. Yeah i know it illigal but it is just short clips of songs. ok what i upload was tv theme such as disney’s cartoon show songs like duckwing duck, chip and dale, tailspin, goofy Movie songs,. and some theme song such as power rangers, mc guyver, and ect. — a whole lot more to be listed. One hour later people Here in EP Blast the song via theor speakers.. har har har.. i thought people would not like it but actually they do.

ever wondered why less people of our age 17-23 today look different than those aged 12-15 today? I guess it is because what we were expose when we are young. when we at the age of primary school we only watch shows like the theme song that i listed above. let me see show like saseme street “was” our favorite. (don’t lie to ur self you did watch it)

Hohoho it is just a theory made by an idiot who is unable to sleep. feel free to give a comment. but think bout it. We were children. we can be grown up with our childhood inside. its what make life Meaningful. those kind of people are more creative and outgoing. maybe the purpose of this post is be say that BE Yourselves. hiding the truth is useless if it makes you unhappy. (god… i talking to myself.. huhuh… hurm too much human dev. class in my mind) So Have A GOOD DAY!

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