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old post : PeoPle Who ThiNk They Are The Centre Of The World

PeoPle Who ThiNk They Are The Centre Of The World

Do you ever go to a crowded restaurant or food stall and find out there are no place to sit. thats ok
but do you ever see one big table for 6 but it is only occupide by only one or two person and the only place to sit is on a small table at the corner there.. ARGHAA the only reason they sat there because OoOoOo Nak Duduk Bawah kipas,, tempat nie Kena Aircond, Waaa ada perempuan cantik dok depan..

People that have a big family have to sit at the small tale duduk dekat dekat nak makan kena kepit ketiak.. biasanya nya yg duduk kat meja tu tak da akal mak bapak tak ajar adab atau bertolak ansur.

and there are people who juz throw rubbish everywhere.. (this is another issue)
when a flash flood sweep by every harta benda rosak, tuduh kerajaan tak cuci parit
dia yang buat parit tersumbat.. blame other people..

there is also this boy in the newspaper, OOoOoOooO dapat 15A tapi ada 1B tak dapat Scolarship
where to turn to??
The Daily Bugle newspaper…

the person should be really stupid even he have more As then me..
who tell him to take 16 subjects?? lepas masuk paper oOoOo ingat mesti Dapat sebab Kesian..
kesian Your Head!!!!! lepas tu apa nak jadi??
Mesti doktOr
jadi doktor pun baik jadi doktor sakit mental

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  1. Riku2replica
    March 16, 2007 at 11:30 am

    Faridil and his gf were sitting on the table…. actually he was looking at himself through third person view which is me…LOL

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