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Games Anime Comic Circle.. Emina MMU…

Hait.. domo arigato 4 reading this blur blog.
Well WHAT THE HECK IS GACC?? HUHUHU those who IS frOm MMU MElacca, knows it..
IT is an event organize by MMU EMINA club. something like a conference for anime, games and comic..
well ii was on the 17 and 18 of march 2007 .. and start at 10 am to 6 pm.
How i know that.. well on that day i had spent my weekends at the event.. LOL… -_0;

What was going on there? Hohoho..ALot.. the first day, emina president EDO, start the ceremony by singing one of the anime songs, i think it was an opening from FULLmetal Alchemist. OK he do need alot of vocal lessons..-_- Who cares right?.. then as usual speaches from important people, yada yada yada.. and it was officially launch. first day was also bz. there was PS2 games competition, takken5 and winning11. for card games fan care club organize WOW and magic tournament.( not really sure coz i am not playing..) then in the afternoon. we just stayed there until the end.. Well o yea, there was a gundam and gundam SD competition, gundam competition was OPEn for those who build gundam at home. Well those are some expensive models. then the gundam SD DIY then they shown ganz’s Anime Music Vids .. Woot some he gave me they show it on that day..^_^ BTW i forget that kids have their own contest. that is character design contest. they have to draw villans

NExt day was the same i went early to sign up 4 NFS carbon.. PS2 games? well here some link what happend there http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gacc&search=Search
anyway.. the ps2 games that was played was soul calibur and NFS carbon.. card game as yesterday.. kids have their colouring contest. this is the best day for cosplayers coz its their day to shine.. COOL COSPLAY!!! they got this kid who was edogawa conan, then HOney from OUran host club, Final fantasy characters and naruto and many more.. there is the individual cosplay and there is group.. later go to the link i link from this BLOG. and Mr Tohru Furuya a.k.a Amuro Ray came to malaysia..TO MMU!!!! FREAKING MMU!!!! WTF?? google him if u dont know. COOL!!!!!! near the end My friend arvin had to go up the stage and dance some one piece dance.. and his friend have to go up and do the HARUHI SUZUMIYA DANCE!!! YATTA!!!!! link is at below… that all i want to write today.. coz i am sICK OF IT MATH!!!!!— will report later… G day..

gacc haruhi dance..

heartless IDOL (kingdom hearts and American Idol parody)

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