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One Year pass by. PT03/04/05/06 goodbye

Holla.. One year had passed by here at MMU Melacca for me. I just completed my foundation course here last Saturday with my last Final exam paper. One year. This is the one year that I would not want to forget. Heh. If I insert something from human development subject, this is my Adolescents year, which is really important to me to find my identity.

Well as you know I had just finish off Final exam. For those who really know me they know I would only study last minute. But this exam I was really ready one week earlier.(WOW!) I had been studying with Arvin, Fadhli, Teddy,Ap, Faisal, Wani, Julian,Ash, and some other PT03/04/05 geng. (thank you so much) I really gonna miss you all.

Well at the last class gathering (PT03/04) We went to Pantai Kundur for a farewell BBQ party. Huhu I did enjoyed it thanks guys. – Well there is a lot I wanna say on that day –

Well after last night

I really do not like separation. Especially when I become too attach to my friends. It hurts seeing them for the last time. I may not going to see them anymore because 70% are going Cyber. I am stuck here at Melacca why the heck I choose Melacca? Ok OK I am not making this post a sad one. All I am gonna say is Good Luck Guys there in Cyber.

For PT03 geng – don’t change who you are. You guys ROX without you guys I might Be another guy who just sits at the corner not talking.

PT04 geng Woit!! I know our class is ONE make sure you are Still one. –back benches You guys Are COOL – The Guys and gals thank you. I had learn A LOT from you guys.

PT05/06 – I know we all had spend only 1 semester together but thank you for the guidance in study and being friends.

EP GUYS- Woit enough DOTA CS AND WOW!! At cyber you still gonna be playing this at their Hostel. Anyway thank you for the company going out for Dinner, going to town, Sharing Stuff, and being a good listener.

If there is anything I did wrong I hope you forgive me. It’s the sugar fault.hehehe I hope I did something that change your life as well. Everyone is a part of something in someone life.You had been one for me to. Have a nice time wherever you are!! Sayonara!!

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