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new Semester!

Yup It just me. Yeah nobody here.. Hi hi hi. Yeap this is the same blog i been doing for some time. mainly because i just notice some setting that is not what it suppose to be. HEHE

ok OK seriously let’s get to the posting part!
Orite. this is my second year in MMU. Yeah MMU. I am still here! YEa WOOhO!
Yeah i am taking 6 subjects this sem yeah 6. math, tech communication(a.k.a english), digital system(for me it physic) database system(zzzz…. ) Computer Programing( OMG C++ what is while loop?;) and mandarin class (only 4 people)

this semester have i have class till 9 pm. WHY!!!!! sob sob sob… tech COM is BORING!!!!! it is important but it is boring~~~~

math well we revising back what we learn last sem. so It is also boring… waaa….
digital system? well for now it seem ok but there is too much 1 and 0 so it make me sick.. oh yea dun forget bout boolean algebra. A+1=1

database? tutorial seem going fine, but lecturer… WAaaaa it hard to understand what he is saying xpecially his — for it example — it sound alot like farid example..

programing? well tutorial and lecturer is EVIL!! it hard to understand now.e except if i do it my self…

mandarin class? i enjoying it for now. lecturer is nice and the only problem is i am trying my best to do the right pronunciations. gabbate!!!! Help me because our class only have 4 people!!! i am enjoying it because It is SO HARD to register it because MMU eru’s SYSTEM IS NOT THAT EFFICIENT>

Well that for now. I be writing more in the next few days. because Something special is coming soon.
WHAT THEY SAY ARE LIES!! dun ask me -_-!!

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