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tomorrow OH NO!!!

yea tomorrow.24 hours from now!!
What i would want to tell yet.. yeap. No way!!!
alot of things happen today one thing i heard there a fight at UG yeap someone was hospitalize

then is another bz monday!! yeap bzbzbz.. now i feel like garfield I HATE MONDAY!!!
why? because I have to go around campus during 2 hour break. for those who know me i like to finish off my work ASAP. why well i like to RUN. yeaa RUN FARID RUN!.
I run UP FOSEE BUILDING! yeap because the lift broke down.!!

why? it a buzy day? well class start at 10 then break 1 hour. then class again, then break 2 hour where i went to the library to finish off work. then class again then Home for a while then library…

Oh yea there a scene at the library today. The story start like this.. The library guard recently seem to be strict here. i am not sure why but they are. so one guard told this guy that to keep it down. if not get out. the guy replied to her!!. yap.. in one way it is rude. but we are studying how are we going to do our work without noise? so continuing the story, he Said that other people making noise can, then a small quarrel took place and some F*** words came out. APA LAGI MENGAMUK LA GUARd TU!. that guy bebal then went out.. later he went back in the library… haitz…

another interesting thing happend today is how people see 2 people.. hehehe Laugh out loud!!!
HARHAR i can’t take it.!! i would not tell this part…. hehehe

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