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hah har!!! yeap it my birthday! why i am telling the world? well mainly because urm…. idunno why i am excited at all.. haitz… Really i am just happy the way I am. yeah i know i havent don much until the age 19. I know i am not that popular among people. cause i am just another person to another person. hehehe… that how it been and might be for the rest of some people lives.
But what i just say might be wrong. because everyone bring something to someone. yeap. it true. In one point i might had help someone in a really desperate situation that had change their lives. well we all can’t remember all but deep down everyone did.
yeap.. 19… OMG 19.!!! it does not sound nice at all. nine teen. hurm….
I haven done much la!!!!!

things i want to do:
-pass exams
-meet someone special (=ω=.)
-well maybe change a new bag, new mouse, and new pants
-change my attitude
-be helpful
-full of energy trough out the year
-learn mandarin
-Finish all my assignment and score it
-be best friends.



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  1. Riku2replica
    July 29, 2007 at 8:28 am

    hey, bro u already have ur ‘some1 special’ dun be so greedy…

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