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harhar weekend is over!! haitz it monday… i hate monday…. I really hate monday!!
yeap is now 30 minit of my first monday .. lalalala
start of something new… a new day a new gossip.

Wa wa wa. orite!!
harharh just posting something by… Woit!! yang jauh datang melaka nie. masuk2 bilik dah la tak bagi salam masuk2 gelak!! harharhar….
yeap there were 3 aliens came by. visiting from planet cybertron. Yea from cyber. they came by with their space ship proton knight(satria) harhar… do you guess who is it.. sayangnya optimus prime tak datang.. dia balik rumah kat putratron.

i think they arrived around 10 am.. yao! came with a mission.. to go to the bowlingspark. bcoz meg a tron cuti sakit.. so semua gi main bowling,, Aha, betul… gi main bowling… tp kalah..
who cares they came.. haitz… apa2 pun hari nie letih gila

weh I want to go to cybertron!!! guys there Prepare!!! i will go there… if i am free,… YEaP!! i hope so.. please offer a place for me to stay!!!

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  1. teddy
    July 30, 2007 at 12:57 am

    duk la rumah aku….
    cybertron welcomes you….
    dont forget do pay…
    we also accept allspark as payment method… hehehehe

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