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5 years of archives…

ok maybe not five years but for my off records it been moe than that. what am i saying? well during this semester break i found all my old diaries. i kept it locked away like a time capsule.
harhar the things i wrote when i am form 2-5. that all that i found out. some made me laugh.. some reminds me of my old friends, some made me sick. but it had made me think. i had change alot from those time…

things i found out.
i was a class leader.. OMG !!!! REALLY!!!!??
i had a crush..
I was weak.
I am not that happy.
i have alot of friends i forgotten for a while but still remembered them.
i was a nobody
i did not achive that much.
I was the school repoter?
raya time i complain alot.
I complain alot.

harharh …. i like drawing… hurm why did i forgotten those memories?
maybe it was erased? harhar I dun remember at all being a class rep. I must be sux at it till i do not want to remember it at all. Oh yea I took account last time. why did i do that?
ok it late night.. and i am trired.. solong

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  1. Hitokira
    August 7, 2007 at 11:02 am

    omg class rep lol >.< but still skool days are very fun and cannot be done differently ^^

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