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First OFFICIAL post!

Yo!! watsup people… yeap.. it seems that ia am addicted to bloging

it true.. my statistic on writing pointless blog had increase dramatically especially during this semester break..

most of the time  i would say borig life. but not anymore. my life just got intresting..yeap interesting as in some part of it.. i would not say it now until it is the best thing eve happen to me. But now i should just stick with my normal blog posting…

today topic would be How TV change the world.

The idiot box is not just a idiot box. it teaches people new stuff.. most of the time they show pointless shows. but behind those shows do there a story behind it or interesting  concept in it.

eg; heroes. Will human evolve into something new? would human have new ability in the future?  that would be really cool.

How about science fiction? Ok time travel is Impossible.  but some of science fiction do came true.. like the cell phone, supercomputers, robots, and so on.

how about CSI.. they show how they use evidence to look for criminals that cool too..

well there is for today actually i am sleepy.. need sleep… still got work to do.. ok i try to come up with something intresting tomorrow. nitez

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