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The next midterm

haitz.. really the weekend already finish. Argh…. the day of assignment is coming close.. How am i going to do?? there a lot of assignment to be pass up, quiz, midterm test, and so on.. how am i going to cooep with this?? mental!!!!
haitz… how was my weekend? as usual.. nothing  much. really there nothing.  i am always be on my own..how should i put this.. I am lonely there. none of my friend came back. I got a lot of homework to be done. i went down witha a fever, and so on…

now i am back in  melaka there a lot of things that need to be done.. such ass assignment, study and stuff.

I want to watch Rush Hour!!! Jakie chan !!!! hahrahrahr

I need to study someone please give me that initial push so i could study.. i  am lonely… alone and have nothing to do  but study..  how life can be such bored. beta is hard… and still i look like a freshies… haitz….. what should i dO?

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