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#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


this is one simple C++ program that i had to do today. Yeah there 7 questions on programing that i need to complete within 2 hours. it seem i fail to finish all the program but i manage to get 9 marks from the test.. so i can feel a bit realive that i did not fail the exam: (^_^)?  Ok ok i am a bit disappointed that i spent 1/2 our on the first question where i should start with no 2 first coz no 2 was easy..  Well that what you get forbeing tooo focus on the first question but thank god i manage to fix the problem in the first porgram so that i could submit a working program..

Well after the exam some of us went to have lunch then we all went back to take our relive sleep.. but for some reason i was unable to sleep… something keep bugging me… maybe i _

yap.. so i went infront of my laptop and start dev c++ and redo the same program that i did during lab exam.. yeap i redo it.. It work much better because it took less codes then i did in the lab test.. then i tried to get some sleep but for some reason i cant remember if i already sleep or not. so i woke up again then turn on my external HD and watch DANNY PHANTOM… Yeap i went watching Danny Phantom Whole day… It seem that i like that story. i cant seem to find the reason why..  Oh yea i also watched Danny phantom after subuh.. because i can’t sleep.. haitz… around evening  my housemates went to the Melacca PC fair. I did not go because i did not have the mood.. I have my reason..(-_-);

ow i am trying to be sleepy and it seem to be working.. Yeap i feel sleepy now.. .Sleepy…. Well I tried to start C++ assignment but it seem i only bacis codes… OMG! How am i going to finish >100 lines of codes in 2 weeks?? I might try focusin on the codes tomorrow. haitz.. the things i do that nobody appriciate.. Well now i have some thing else to do now adios..

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