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another programing day

i been slaving infront of my computer for 5 days now just to finish 50% of the programing project the lecturer gave. Oh no.. Too much codes.. i written almost more then 1000 lines now if i count the lines that i deleted an replace and stuff..

oh yea i been up late lately so i can finish my homework and stuff.. well it up to me to save the world again.. haitz… always be the one to save people from disaster.. i hope i can do it well.. may be i can …..

because I GOT THE TOUCH JENG JE JE JE JE JENG… LOL Oh no i need to be organise… for that i will be the one to tell secrets.. kihkihkih.. Y? i dunno i am just babbling nonsense. because in my mind is only C++ codes.. CODES CODES… too much codes… i cant take it anymore.. to much codes… mentally unstable to think..

every thing i see everywhere i see are codes.. everytime i pause i babble out SYSTEM(“PAUSE”);

this is bad.. expecially for y eyeside.. well time to sleep. goodnight…..

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