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not myself.

Ok i never ben like this for more then 2 weeks. what i been doing? most would try avoid problems and try their best to find their way out.  But recently it feel like i miss something… I miss a friend.. and it all my fault.. I should have not done the thing i did.. the person might hate me forever. that what i feel now.. this kind of problem actually need time to heal. for some reason i felt like the wound might not be heal anymore. how am i suppose to be a good friend if i made one hate me?

yeap. for some of you who are far away from me. they might know me for the person who like to help people, the nice guy that always be push around.  all they wan is from me. Always asking for something.  WELL FORGET IT. I am changing now.  what do you think i am? a PDA? I HAVe my own Problem. sometime people keep depending on me. Well now Do IT your self. I want to do My own Business. this Is not the same Guy you all know.

l et me do my own homework. yeah teaching people also benefits me, but helping people had left my OWN time to spent only for sleep or my own homework. i spent 6-8 hours for sleeping. othet time left is for me to eat, pray, log online, and check my fav sites.  i would never have time to watch my fav tv shows, read my fav books, and stuff..

today i chosen my way.. I finish my tutorial, i finish parts of my assignments, i have time to TALK with my house mate.. I even have time to draw some stuff.. it looks like i have lost my ability to draw… Sob sob… look like it is late so nitez….

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