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Dreams.. part 1.

Because i am bored

is the experience of a sequence of images, like a movie with sounds, ideas, emotions, or other sensations during sleep, especially REM sleep.(wikipedia)

Olla lately i been waking up late.. going to class withh half prepare state… why? because everythime i sleep these days i have dreams.. yeah the kinds that seem to feel as in the movies…

i just woke up on a another great one.. here it goes.
It was a normal day. a day as anyother..
but what i notice is that everyone seems to be really buzy with studies. as in EVERYONE. yeah nobody chatting around foolong around.. then i heard this weird music from nowhere. It seems to make me forget everything that is fun and start to think of work to do… then… to be cont… I got class… please wait until i come back~…[edited]

just got back from class.. OK Where were i. oh yea.. the Music… well in that dream… the music seem to control people to do work.. it seems thati was trap inside as well.. until there one person played another kind of music that seems to broke that mind controlling spell.. Muahahah…

for some reason My mp3 player turn out to be a super weapon! Muahahaha So i use to free poeple my class… then i spread it all around the world trough internet radio and radio station..  thinggot welll for awhile then these giants robot came from nowhere tried to take over the world again with that music. It was in the same class where i was.. the bing this bis speakers play themusic.. then my mp3 player alos played the same music so i toss it away.. but thins time it diffrent i did not fell in that spell.. i dunno why.. after the giants robot went away i tried to Save my friends again but this time it fail.. so i ra away to a small room somewhere.. hiding from those giants robots.. >…< then i woke up from that dream… waa.!!!

Hurm… I have no idea what it mean but there are some thing definitely came up.

-My math lecturer was an evil character in the dream

-Mind Control


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  1. September 6, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    lol i think u got problem with too much mecha till start dreaming about giant robots >.<

  2. amirul
    September 7, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    at least u can dream……

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