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Owch….(Puasa ,fasting ,斋 戒 )

OWCH OWCH ow ow ow ow…. Pain at the whole body~~

first day of puasa and i am walking like an Oyaji~ Old man.. why well how should i put this… Night of first ramadan, My housemate drag me to a futsal court. well so what. i just join je la.. we played for two hours.. I did  not play that long..  well actually it been almost 2 years since i kick a ball.. it was my housemate vs My housemates classmates.. well actually just a friendly match just for fun.. Owch…..  Well i had fun.. it good to realest everything.. mauahah.. most of the time i had to be a gol keeper. i was a bad one.. HEHEHE. I was afraid of this guy who kick so hard.. my hands are red trying to catch his ball kick.  .. after that .. usual after sports we go Minum!! until 2-3 am.. i cannot remember at all.

balik EP then we need to prepare for sahur. i cannot sleep coz it almost 4 am time for sahur.. yup SAHUR..
i ate all the french toast they made hehehehe. then have a short nap b4 subuh.. the next day i do my Mandarin assignment.. little by little my body began to ache.. OWCH!!! my legs and arm suffer a quite beating for not exercising.. arm legs and body Hp =30/430. Harhahr…  owch the pain…….

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  1. September 14, 2007 at 1:17 am

    play futsal never ajak people…

  2. amirul
    September 14, 2007 at 1:59 am

    now u play football……

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