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Beyond the final quest to acquire Power ups. the world turn dark. No moonlight, no star light, no sound.. the night is dark and hot. nobody was around. Everything turn dark. like the world is blanketed with a huge cloud.

i woke up. sound came from the outside of my room. nobody was there. I creep back to sleep hoping it goes away.. 2 hours pass by. still trap in the dark room.. alone and hot.. the room is still hot. sounds still coming from the outside of the dark apartment. nothing was working that time. every appliances had stop working. only the light of a flash light and this laptop shines this room. this time i had to go out. even through the sound keep getting louder and louder.

the apartment hallway is so dark. i did not turn on the light, the only thing i brought was my thumb size flash light. strapping it on my head. I walk slowly. step by step the apartment room became colder and colder. then  a cold breeze woosh pass by me.. i was not afraid at all. so i kept waliking down the hallway. step by step, the sound i heard got louder and louder.

i arrive at the lounge area… and tried to turn on the lights but it DID NOT WORK!!

there i saw the truth….

the truth is….






it was raining and there a blackout around my apartment area !!! harharhar

ok ok this is the story of me bangun sahur…. i woke up in that damn hot room went out hujan… how am i going to eat!!! then i just took some raw sausage and eat it with a white bread… then i went back to sleep… before that i trip and almost fell down because there a pail somewhere in my room.. harhar

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