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Almost the end

Yeap.. In a few weeks and couple of blogs, Who~ Exam Week Exam Week~~ Exam Week~~~ DIE DIE DIE DIE~`

I haven’t start studying yet . I want to but i can’t. I cannot   Maybei am not motivated. maybe i do not have friends that cared for me. Yeah I have friends. None come close to the same feeling i had during FOSEE.  May be It even harder to find people who i can trust the most.

why does it felt different. maybe last time how some of us connected seem that we need each other. I Dunno maybe i am picky with who i am with but how connect with people is most important for me.  Since most of my closet friend had move to Cyber, I felt as if I am restart a new life. I know that some people are easy to be apart. But I am to dependent to friends that it always hurt me most.

Herhar maybe i am just to sad being alone.  HArhar.. depress guy writing.. Just ignore what i just say.

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