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Dead -Can HEROES save mE?

haitz.. things are not what they are any more. well maybe because the final is around the corner and i havent started study yet.. hehehe definitively dead. I  am motivated today. yup i went to the library to study.. YUP study.. well alone is much easier just now coz i can have my own table. i do not need to find new table to study on. hehehe. well what can i say.. Hurm final is so close.. but HEROES already started..! Yippie!! Hiro Nakamura!! you the only one can bring me back to the light!! henshin!!

10 thing why i Really like HEROES

10-IT interesting show to watch

9-Urm  George Takei is HIRO father!!

8-My friends are watching it


6-Any story of time travel IS COOL with the time paradox and stuff!

5- BAddass BAd Guy – Sylar Is among the Evil people in my List

4- Geek Hiro Nakamura is so so .. i dunno how to explain

3- Interactive with their Online Novels

2- It a story How Superheros start gettign their power. MUCH COOLER , logical, then SMALLVILLE


that conclude my reason why i REALLY LIKE HEROES.

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