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ep 1: Pilot

intro of the main character ME! mauha..

Haitz… how many of you all out there think their life is much more interesting then others? Well not mine.. Does anyone know the story of the otaku, geek, not so popular guy on tv? well maybe there one but he is popular because he use a BBS. Well here the story of my life. yup the life on the unpopular guy who is always the Extras of tv shows..

How should i start? well maybe we start off with an easy one. how about 2 month before? beginin of my Beta semester?

YEap! that a good start.

Ok it start with me arriving couple of days early to come to MMU BETA briefing.. Such A dumb guy i was.. Yeap there NOTHING to listen to the briefing . OK maybe 1-2 points that is relevant but most of them is just crap. Well at most i went back home then go back sleeping and keeping sad because most of my friends are in Cyberjaya now..

the next day? Well the whole day of nothing to do..what A BORING LIFE>. well maybe i did went on helping people and so on.. I just chatted with some people online that all. Well It all goes to show that i did not know my life going to be a roller coaster in the next 3 month….

lets forward the thing not important. — to be cont……..


They told me I could do anything
if I put my mind into it.
Yet no matter
how hard I try in all that I do,
I just can’t take my mind off you.
They say that as long as
there is one person loving you,
life isn’t a waste.
So if you lose hope and thought
that life is not worth living,
just remember I’m here.

thx hito..

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