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random Stuff b4 Final

Yello! Watsup.. I am just bored here. just got back from studying.. yeap I Study!!.. another miracle.. yet I still do not believe it.Yeap final is around the corner… some of my friends are all around saying this or that during final.. for me it an important exam.  hope some of you guys do not mind my mood being like a how you put it.. not balance, sometime cepat marah or just not myself.. yeap i am really concentrating on my exam this time. nothing shall break my concentration.

Well lately i been pissing off people.. well alot i guess. it seem that people ALWAYS sees the bad stuff rather than the good stuff people did. so It kinda Stuck with me now. what can i say i am only human.  i am not a superior or too nice. i am just a normal human being with emotions. I made mistakes, i admit. But, does people really accepts you when you did something bad? Well so far I do not think i am the smartest one, or the gifted. I never ever be proud of myself if i archives  a goal. because after you archives that, i be thinking much better way to improve myself.

how should i put this.. maybe an apology is never good enough. It feels like i never ever can prove if you are really sorry to a person.There no digital signatures,   databases, programs, that can measure feelings, so people just need to trust it.

I should apologize my friends because i let them down, i also need to because i followed my emotion too much, and there also the part where i should help people in need even it hurt me the most. even nobody cares about you or you are only a small part of their life and never be appreciated, you help people in need. it seem that i had lost my identity recently till an old friend realize me that i had done a big mistake.

this raya I WILL BE  apologize to anyone i hurt..

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