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yo those who are taking TCP tomorrow goodluck.  Database today was challenging but kinda can make it situation, Muahaha SQL SQL SQL ERD, Noramalization , locks and timestamp. you are my gravity~

sorry i keep listening to this song for couple of time already and it kinda stuck.. ok what can i say on TCP.. easy.. think like a C++ compiler. yup read line by line if there a Loop follow the loop. that all i can say. it up to each people to understand on its way. i suggest that you understand it rather then reading it out loud fro the book.

tips? well here some tips, DIY.. the only way to understand is to try, try, try. never give up never surrender. if other people can do it why cant you? and do not start owh they are much more genius then you, definitively it easy for them. WEll here the fact. why do you choose IT? HUH? If you give up easily, the working condition one day? you WILL not have friends to help you. It only YOU.  what happen to all the tv show yall watch that have the moral value NEVER GIVE UP. iro nakamura never gives up on Training his power…

Ok Ok i know it hard. people need help sometime, but if you depends on people so much, how you going to be independent.  like the petronas ad.. Well. all i ca say is good luck, best of luck, and dun give up! Even tough my life is rolling down the hill, i kept it inside so i can survive this final examination. yeah everyone have problems. how life gets complicated everyday…. haitz…..

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