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bored? visit some website!

Ok OK i been surfing the net like crazy lately so here i am going to share some neat games and websites, youtube yall should try

ophone by microsoft

Lucky☆Star – Gravity BGM!!

initial D 4th stage 2nd opening (Gravity,BGM from LuckyStar)

initial d?!


Shiraishi Minoru – Wasuremono~

Shiraishi Minoru
becoz i just want to laugh

Lucky ☆ Star – OP Full Dance (らき☆すた)

most annoying click in the world


not my game


generate warning lable !

waring lable generatorz


pheonix wright OBJECTION!!

neat game
shingakunet game..
Positive Solutions: screwdriver, hoes, wood, chimneys, the steering wheel, battery, chip, alcohol lamp; UFO: steering wheel, hoes, wood, chips, batteries, screws, alcohol lights, the chimney.

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