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Raya Is Still Not Lost.

As we age we would might think that we are gettin older and fooling around Is not how we should act anymore. I thought that i might be just as depressing this Raya. But what my family and relatives had shown me once more age does not mater, it is family.. Why did I lost it?

For a couple of month ago i been thinking only for my self, I been selfish, I glad that over, well i was quite disappointed i did not much on my Mandarin essay, If Raya had came earlier, i might have alot to say. 4 days of celebrating Raya, day we finish Fasting for 1 month, had made me happy and Well lite like A pelita in A dark Night, I thought the cleaning up and decorating make it worst but all it come is the Spirit Of Forgiveness and Bond.

Well I feel as if i was still young and does not feel as i were in A Uni Student. It had made me forget all my trouble for the time being.. It feel as if i were finally enjoying my self. This year, everyone is happy.. i guess family bond Is the best cure then laughter. because i do not feel as if i were want to jump off.

Oh yea i forgotten that my friend. they came during 2nd day and 3rd day of raya.We went to my old friend home to celebrate Raya.. haha He is also My teacher Son so we had to meet up with her too hhee.. but we need to cut short as it was going to rain~m SOB.. the next day my old geng came by after my relatives went home.. They talk alot, as ulsual i always hear what it all about.. O

Couple of things i found out, i really Miss my cousins, I like fooling around with kids haha.. maybe that why i act like one, I always been a listener then giving a talk, and the last part.. Farid in Melacca and Farid in kedah are two different people. yea i seem to act much different there then home.. i not sure why..

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  1. amirul
    October 18, 2007 at 11:29 pm

    what meet her>>>

  2. netnavi20x5
    October 19, 2007 at 7:45 am

    Sorry typo.. My hands were really tired. what i meant was Meet up with Cikgu Hasnah

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