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Bored look back

really? yeah i am really bored. who else i bored? I am to bored that it seem i spent LESS time infonr of the screen then back at my hostel. urm yeah maybe Home have alot more stuff to do then there. i found out astro new channel system such confusing that i rather be reading some old books in the attic. Yeah not all the time. some time i just found out that there are a lot of video cassette. for those who live in the CD DVD era, a VHS cassette is something that play movie, or recorded .. wki the word VHS VHS wiki link anyway about that I found some old movie such as Flubber, Die Hard 3, enemy of the state, Toy Story, Lion King ( yeah i grow up with disney movie), Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, independence day.  i ve counted there are more then 100 of those old VHS tapes. Cool huh? maybe i should take a look of some old recorded tv show i recorded 10 years ago. yeah it still exist. there might be one of those Old saturday NTV7 cartoon there that i miss. 😦 but still it cool to take a look at the past sometime.  p/s i might be browsing radio cassette to yeah the walkman era.. ^^.. this is the time I was disconnected from the internet for a couple of years. yeah i kinda started at standard 2-3 then forgotten it for some time till form 3. I called it my own (internet dark ages).

another way you can look at the pass is by browsing trough the family photo. OH GOD!  I LOOK GEEKY with my huge Glasses that occupied 1/3 of my face. kinda long story.. ^^ anyway. i look backfar back when my parents were still studying. and wonder how long they been together.. what i understand is how they meet. (personal story)^^. i guess that why they wanted to made their reunion this December. Owh i gonna miss it..

haha glancing in the past kinda fun when your bored.

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  1. amirul
    October 31, 2007 at 12:11 am

    we can’t change the past
    the future is uncertain
    but here now at this very moment know who we are..
    Peace bro!

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