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really i need to find a new title. i been sleeping eating sleeping surfing sleeping nothing much for the past 1 week. if i do this for one year i might die of boredom i kinda have no idea what to write since i eep clicking on one stupid button. yeah that stupid button Stumble ( for some reason i blame u teddy) it is te seed of EVIL!!! EVIL!! so here i want to share some thing that seem fun to watch and look at.

this link may damage your brain so use it wisely
reason why American should not COSPLAY
A star Trek Thingy KIRK
yet another star trek thingy
james bond would be proud with them
Mr bean dating tips
online comics about cats+video+games+comic+and+anime

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  1. amirul
    October 30, 2007 at 11:19 am

    dont blame me…. i just show u the way…
    ur the way who explore it…

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