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Hollywood vs Science

yo! Guess what sometime watching too  much discovery Channel ruins action Movie. waaaa but it kinda Cool. here i made some facts i pick up watching Discovery Channel.

Movie- High tech security system uses lasers.  Reality- laser detection system; Does not exist

Movie- Cars explodes after crashes, fired upon. Reality- how many car accident in ops Sikap explodes?

Movie- all our resource like electric, gas, water is connected to the net. reality- What kind of fool connect it to the net so people can access it?

movie- when you shoot someone they flew back. -Reality- a bullet mass not enough to kick a person back couple of feet. Unless it a cannon ball, but you be dead.

Movie- Computer System look so cool!.. or an old movie blinking LED. Reality- Computers? slow, nothing look nice or high tech.

Movie- Anyone can fly an out of control airplane. Reality- Crash and Burn.

harhar ok. not all are bad. some are great things too. Erm… Well not much i can remember.. Maybe some medical stuff? yeah from House M.d. Huhuh things you learn from tv. another thing? i dunno… Life lessons? Yaha look like i am to bored.

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