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Get My Life Straight Again.

Yeap the holiday did show me some thing I miss, home . I kinda look back of my life and it seem that I missed my family most. Yeap. studying away does make you feel depress, you need a social life to fill it with but nothing can replace the special bond that i felt lost. Haha after the holiday I felt much alive and happier then usual. I felt recharge and found my way back.

haha i had a good weekend actually. It seem as it might be a boring one but i manage to enjoy everybit of it. yeah. relatives came by and have their issues but because of Hari Raya, we had put it aside and enjoy our self.  Raya did not stop there. I had the chance to spent time with my younger brothers, singing some stupid songs together, do stupid stuff together. haha. it kinda show why I sometime do not act my age, and another reason that might have been is because i have alot of younger cousins then older, (it tend to influence you to play along).

another reason i was happy because I had the spent time with my parents. Yea some of us might want to stay away from them but distance actually had bring me close to them. Listening to their past, it seem as they were are almost the same on some part. The best thing is they begin to trust me that i can be independent and that my mother did not look sad when i was on my way back to MMU.

maybe it time for us to appreciate our parents. thanks mom and dad…….

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