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yeah.. I been away from the internet lately, not entirely. just disconnected my torrents, IM, forums. Why? well mostly Realize that i been spending too much time in front of the computer, so idecided to cut off my main lines, IM and online games. So i am planing to spent my free time by





-playjng offline games



now i am try to find a healthy way to live.. Oh yeah there not much to report except, i finally went cyberjaya. hehe yeap i finally went there, i glad we reach there to since that there a political issue in the capital of Malaysia. Yeap it think it something about BERSIH. sorry i cant talk about that because if i do i might be kick out of Campus. We went there by car, arrived at cyberjaya first to pick up a friend, then we visited Teddy.. then we went to Shah Alam. the problem starts there where police keep having road blocks before arriving KL. Fortunately we arrived to our friends house. I PLAYED Xbox 360!! yea!! HALO is Cool.. but kinda hard… i still prefer mouse and keyboard.. then we went bowling at One Utama. Yeah i was beaten again…waaaaa…

Oh yea another thing is our apartment now have exercise equipment.. COol huh? now i can have a bit of healthy life then usual. I want to live long so I need to cut down sugar, fat and oil.. ehheeheh nitez….

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  1. amirul
    November 25, 2007 at 5:52 pm

    not fair….
    halo 3 is on xbox 360!!!!

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