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This semester I decided not to make my life complicated. I am returning to my old self, the person who i was first semester. getting to know people, studying, watch anime, play games, and taking a long walk in MMU football field. Me? so far in my life, i am the type of person who is only a guy people know who is label as “just a friend.” Close friends are hard to get.

I guess I people look at me as a place to talk and know that i will listen to every thing they said.  Well i do not mind helping people with trouble, I might not give the best advises or response, i know listening to what people say is enough to take the burden away. Mmmm maybe I keep my personal life only to myself. Who in the world want to listen to my boring life. I never did got in to trouble that can make a sweet story, i do not go out that much, My family is just a normal happy family.

lifeless, nothing, empty, blank, zero.

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