For some reason i was pulled in to a  new kind of experience. For the first time i followed my housemates to a fun night out. Yeah some people already did this long time ago but me? For me it the first time. and i really had enjoyed it as all my trouble was gone for one night.
Yeah with all the assignments and stuff i had to enjoyed it. well That night it was my first night at Umbai (spelling not sure.) and had fish there. i dunno i think they ae famous there. I do not think it was that far. since i was making alot of noise along the way singing with the radio.. NOT ME ALONE, it was along the guy next to me. Arrive there we ate, and talked and ate and talked. Oh yea My friend from cyber came by and visited us that day so we were all like making fun with him.. Well i kinda gone crazy that day.

After eating they decided to go and play bowling. Yeah we went to MP to play one round of bowling. I think we started playing around 12.30 am.Yup in the morin. I kinda suck at bowling that night. i do not think i play well at night.. after almost an hour of bowling. we wnet down to the carpark. The carpark was empty! The one who drove us kinda had fun inside the carpark. both cars were driving like mad hehe.. actually we did not drove that fast.

The guy next door decided to play table Pool. hahah.. it ws my first time. and I sucks at that too but manage to score some.the last stop is MCd. i think it was around 3 a. and i still eating like i havent ate dinner.I ordered a beef foldover and stuff in all inside my stomach. I also drank 2 glasses of Shake because they could not finish it..

after all that.. We went back TO EP.. along the way there was an accident. a car flipped on it back.. kinda freeaky since it was around 4 am.. hahaha.. Well maybe i needed is some fun..

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  1. amirul
    November 26, 2007 at 12:18 am

    i was a little bit fun and scary…
    we plan to eat mcd and later to the movie but then …
    just before our turn to buy the ticket we went to adi’s friends birthday…
    the journey was scary and lost in kl… make a u turn on 3 lane highway while the cars a actually driving toward us hit those orange thingy….. ooo yeah caught in traffic jam and
    end up in sri hartamas……

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