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[not sure what to put]

nowdays everybody lies.. I lie you lie, they lie.. that what our world based on lies..

have alot to say but so little time.. I hated Sunday and mondays.. I never ever understood sunday.. all my early I hate Sunday as it was the first day of school of the week and is the day we have School assembly Every morning even when it rains because my school have a hall so it be really hot.. What am i talking??! Hey i am bored.. There not much to do anymore here because I do not have anyone else to spent time with [except house mates] .. Not much i can do except study. Study study.. humr maybe that why rarely been online..

I just want to be alone..what can i say.. life sux… there are a couple place where i can be alone.. in the library away from my laptop, there are actually interesting technical books there that i would just like to look and read.. and the air cond there is so cold.. I can be alone if there no people i know there.. now that is nice..

another place would be The field… the wind there is breezy~ all my trouble would just be blown away.. It kinda calm being there after 10 pm.. sit there have some snacks and drink a bottle of water. Sometime running one lap there would just be urm… how to say it.. relaxing..

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