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i just want to post something b4 sleep so i could know what i am thinking before going to sleep.. fuel up with maggi I just want to shout out bout pikom PC fair..

1. Why they called it PC fair? they have everything electronic there but they called it PC fair..

2.. I really do not like crowded places.. The PC fair was so pack of people that it hard to move around. People are crazy with the word CHEAP or SALE and free gift. Me? I just went ther to find a printer ink.. that all.. thank god it will lst for another 3 years. so I might not want to Go there again.. (i think i said it last year PC fair too)

about Every person is different and act differently ifront others  i might need to post one long one later one day…

I need New Glasses.. Well i need to change but i just change it few month ago so i kinda segan to ask my parents to loan some money to make a new one especially when  making a glasses for me cost ALOT.. maybe i just need to go and recheck my vision power. or maybe just have my glasses tighten up abit so it would not slide off.

About driving back to Malacca? it was a nice experience to be able to drive at night on a highway and on a rainy day..  Thank fully it id not rain that heavy and traffic was moving smoothly. the only thing i was annoyed was people who drive big cars such as Mercedes and BMW.. yeah thoes fast moving cars.. family cars are not that arrogant. and not all luxury cars are crazy drivers. some are actually nice. anyway i just hate one particular car that went into Malacca or Ayer KEroh exit. he seem to turn on his stupid High beam damn fool. hey it was my first time driving at night. so far at home there no reason why should i be driving at night so sorry for being such a noob. .

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  1. teddymon
    December 11, 2007 at 11:17 pm

    live long and prosper!!!
    and Sylar will reborn as Spock!!

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