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Actually there is a lot i want to write today but i do not want to write it all out in one post. I had the last weekend spent in KL which had taught me a lot of meaning full things and experience from happy to sad.

my adventure start after TDS class..  (i kinda skip TCP at class) anyway i was happy after TCP exam so i left Melaka early. along the way, the trip there was surprisingly smooth! I taught KL was gonna be pack.. the reason i went there is to visit my parents as they were having their reunion. Yea I wanted to see their friends too. haha.. but those 2 day was meaningfull and had open up my eyes for something precious, their friendship,past,present,future. and this would be my topic for my post today.

night 1.

The first night I arrived there i was not feeling that well so I just at down ad ate some food. I had a wonderful night thatday getting to know some of my parents friends from the past. According to my parents they all did  not change that much after they went they separate ways..  after 20 years their their looks are a bit different but that night they all act out as if they were young again. That night what i saw in them all was a reflection of our own friendship. The friendship they had 20 year ago is still strong till today. Some of their friends did remind me of my own friends here, and before. Well that night did not last that long as it was just an unofficial dinner.  They chatted all night long till it was midnight. I guess after 20 years separated they all needed time to catch up to. to bad it was short.

night 2.

Ok the night before was unofficial. but this night it shows how they all appreciated the hard works of their lecturers and friends. even campus life is short for them but their friendship lasted till today. that night they invited their old lecturers to come to their gathering. There were students again that night. All the relationship with their lecturer were close as they were their parents. there a speech that night that actually moved me. It was how they was when they were young. They all were hard working, close, and was one like a family. he also was proud of their students to achieved a lot in their live in work and  family. he was proud to had taught them discipline and to become a model citizen of Malaysia. time changes people. today… people were not like that as they were 25 years ago. now days people always kept on their own self. Some also work just to archived material goal. I guess what he said was true. People in the world today were not as they were 30 years ago.

Continue on that night, haha they actually pictures of them when they were young. It was pun on a slide show for them all to look back, and cherish the day they spent. The hardship they went trough, the time they spent together, the things they shared together, the joy of youth, the fun of gathering , the things they shared,the memories they had together were stored for immortality. haha the thing they hide from us…What they had that time was much more valuable then diamonds, for them friendship is not the case of popularity, the case of using your friends, It was all the things they all did was cherished most.

They had fun together, they helped each other in every hardship, they help each other even it did had a conflict, they had each other back, they also sacrifice within each other to come to KL all in the name of FRIENDSHIP.

It shows that friends is not a one way thing, it is balance within us all. let us all redefined the meaning. Do not let time change true meaning. Do not use friends for personal gain when ever it is for money, for your own well being, or for one gain. (oh no I went far off topic)..

well there more i want to share but i just keep it short.

p/s night 2 was fun!! because

– i got to know  my parents lecturer even if it a bit.

-entertainment was fun  because there was hotel performer, one from Akademi Fantasia, one cute kid from one of parents friends, another was their friend sang for us all and the lecture also sang a song to make the night more fun.

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  1. teddymon
    December 17, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    Those are very mature though. You sure come a long way.
    People come and go as time move on but the memories of both happy times and sad times will always be remember forever carried in their heart as it is the way remind what make us a person that we are today.

    Live long and prosper my friend!

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