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Data Busted

It all about the codes..01-12-07_1734.jpg

Urgha.. the past 2 weeks i been sitting in front of my Pc to finish off assignment 2.. Well it is hard, might as well give up.. but NO I would not want to give up yet!! if other can do it why cant I.. (!_!)> oh well.. this assignment is actually interesting.  it really shows me the things i learn is still not the whole picture of programming.. oh well I got alot of ideas on how to do it but none of every time I face it.. another problem face me.. so I need to think one step ahead.. I would like some input from friends but so not all far they seem to care much on the assignments. haitz.. i would like some help here maybe the problem lies in me.. (ARGH!! let just drop that no time to be EMO when i am alone here.. )

actually getting the program to run bits by bits Is kinda fun.. It show you achive something on your own for sometime. Yeah getting codes from friends is much easier. but  where the fun of solving the question? now i like coding because it like art, and logic. Coding is how you put it… like LEGO. you have certain blocks and you create something from it.. hahaha.. The reason i am writing this down is to hope all of you who take computer programming to never give up!! hey you all watch tv shows right?

Hiro never gives up on saving the world,

House never gives up to Cure his patient and make jokes whil doing so..

gundam pilots does not give up on battles

Bruce Will never give up in Die hard

urgh..woops look as i were way~~~~ out of topic.

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  1. teddymon
    December 23, 2007 at 9:37 pm

    Yeap I agreed

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