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almost a year had past by

seriously nothing to talk about here.. i am just left alone in my dark prison for 5 days. 5 days of no housemates.. isolated like urm… i dunno what to put that.. Well all i did is sun tan infront of my PC ..  I think i absorb enough unknown rays from my pc that i might be a zombeh one day.. hehe. hurm oh yea i am decided to be left here so i would not blame other for ditching me here. It was mine to choose. but i did not regret it that much. it lke going back home but really not at home..

urm.. the holidays are actually not that much of a difference from   the semester break.. jutst it have assignment to be done. haitz. my life is not that cool isn’t it? Well i actually wanted to talk alot tonight but it was all lost.. new years in around the corner and It time for me to reflect what i done during this one year.

A lot had happen in one year..

What can i say.. The year is full with memories good and bad..

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  1. teddymon
    December 27, 2007 at 9:37 pm

    Zombie Ta!!

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