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Saying Good bye 2007.



WELCOME 2008!!

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Whao. Less then 6 hours from the clock Strike 12 tonight is another new year for all of us. Alot had happen along this year. We had our own share of laughter, sadness, emotional, new things we experience, old things that came by, and confusing things happen along the way. usually we would just reflect back the things we did, and sometime what we just done. I know some of the people still hates me for being a jerk or sometime could have been inconsiderate.

Well. What had happen this year? 2007? i really like the number 7. It the year I finish my foundation year and end the official name “freshies/Fosee/Alpha” hehe.. Most of us all did. I guess I miss my friends back then. One Year is quite short but had gave me a big impact in my life. Hah the time we spent before class Were actually great, too bad I could not have done then same in Beta year. Well at least even when we are apart we still in contact trough YM and MSN. ( oh yea i went to cyber once HOW do you all survive there?) .

More things happen along the way of being a Beta Student. I really want to say something but What can i say, first semester is the dark side of my Life. It felt as it was world turn back on you. Not all are bad actually. I did got t know my new housemate much better, but they would not stay here for long.. haitz. another person close to you move away.. I really hate when this happen Well It part of life we meet and parted each own way. p/s being COOL about friends parting IS not COOL.. (ARGh….) it life parcel..

on the other hand, this year did open my eyes on some thing that i did not realize. Famliy. It felt as Raya, family gathering is still the same as it were when we were kids. The things we learn s we grow up. It the distance that actually made me miss home. You do not feel you miss home that much when you are studying, but when you arrive back to your hometown, it feel much different then when you are alone.


at last.. All i just want to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL !!!!!!

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  1. teddymon
    December 31, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    How do we survive in Cyber??? Ermm……
    We just believe in the power of the force!!

  2. January 3, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Zann (from the EP forum) was here. Wee.

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