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Chinese New Year – FAMILY

Chinese New Year. the celebration of the lunar new year. It is a festival not like all other, everyone is happy even those who had to stay far from their family have a bit of enjoyment of this festival. Me? I am not quite sure of their customs even half of me is Chinese. But to be able to spent time with my parents and grand parents dining together does ease of the loneliness of everybody. For my grandparents, I hope they enjoy our visit. It been a long time since we spent time with them.

visiting grandparents kinda bring back memories, almost every year we went down to their home, and give them a hug. HAha… It does bring back memories.. I still remember when my brother and me enjoyed going back visiting them.

My grandmother would always give us t-shirts from anywhere she had gone on a vacation to..  sometime, We like to disturb the dogs that my grandparents have raised at the side of the house barking to them just to annoy the hell out of the neighbours.

. Oh yea nursery rhymes, the tape which always play songs like “mary had a little lamb” would always make me and my brother go to sleep..

Usually on the second day of CNY we would stop by in Taiping to visit another uncle there. they always have this good revision book to pass on as he was a tuition  center teacher. The kind of books i would always look at were science books.. I guess time must have pass by so quickly.

The memories of Primary school is all long gone. The circle of life goes on. I am not quite sure what to say in this post. All i want to say to everyone who read this IS this.

No matter what race or religion you are,

no matter what festival or special day is going on,

Family come first,

spent time with them make them feel special,

Without them you do not other people else who are close to you.

friendship are great but they are temporary,

family are blood and they will be forever even you are not close to them.

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  1. teddymon
    February 11, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    You are right about that one! Family are forever!
    By the way what type of dog that your grandma have?

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