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GACC 2008 – pt 2



ok continue on since my last post. After spending 2 days at the event i am so tired that i had to to sleep early but today i want to post more pictures that i capture during the events.

before that a bit of intro.. ( you can skip this)

GACC – AGC (anime game comic) convention held in malaysia. first Held on 2006 and this year is the third convention For us all Muahahahah.. some also claim to be the biggest in Malaysia… i guess this happen in 2006. ^^!

EMINA – japanese fan club that is form by MMU students for MMU student who are interested in anything japanese animation related such as Anime, games,manga and cosplay.. go search more.. on urself here http://whatisgacc.com/

Ok event part!!! oh my god there are alot of events on that day.. since yesterday i already touch on The SpEciAl guest that came to the event. now some on Cosplayers!!! YeA!! OK to be honest not all cosplayers done well in they costumes. But you can agree that some had gone far just to be like their favorite character so give them some applause.pic_0080.jpg







SakurA Syaoran!!


hard gay!?





They also had their own fun in the cosplay competition. where cosplayers have to perform up on the stage. haha The cosplayers have to do some sketch based on the character they dress up as. Most of their performance were funny and literally hair raising in a weird kind of way. Well they did their best. PLEASE is someone have any video on their performance share it please!!

Another thing that is there is THE ELECTRONIC gaME competition!! YEaH!!

there was

TAKKEN 5 competition,

BurnOut 5: Dominator,

Guilty Gear XX:Accent Core

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

There is also NON E – GAME competition such as CARD game ( for those card game fan you have the chance to beat some of the best players next year!) the games are

WorLd Of Warcraft TCG

MAgic: The Gathering

And also some demo on Board games!!




For Gundam Plastic Model fan They also have their chance to show their creativity and hard work to be judge. People from all ages are allowed.

and how the day be completed without people show their talent in drawing !!!

Yea!! GACC had Doujin booth set up for people selling their own artwork or a drawing of other animes!!

and of course there is a competition for fan who like to draw!! Such as 4coma competition and character design competition. The BEST PART IS it IS JUDGE BY BEN!!! YATTA!!!

Ok I end this with some pictures.. that i took~~


morita masakazu !!!


and BEN!

WHA!!! all i can say it the best day!!! Mauahah….

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