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ever had that kind of feeling that you not sure to be happy, sad, depress, enjoy, relax? hurm I not sure myself what to say.. Haitz.. all i do is sigh all day long. not that i have any personal problem or anything. just do not feel enjoy doing things even watching anime or play games. Sigh…

Well lately i been spending alot of time in the library, studying. Yup studying.. for what? mid term? assignment? Exam? nope. I feel like studying just to spend some spare time. HAHA unbelievable!! Maybe i am spending to much time there and becoming more of a study freak person not that it is a bad thing. Well i find it relaxing just being there same as  staying home, watching anime or surf the net.

Library. Why there? i remember that i said that i really hate studying there. but when you feeling down or just want to be alone, the library felt as if you have your own time alone, in another world. maybe it my way of handling my problem. Some people like to eat then they are down, some shopping, and other just play game all day long.

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