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Ending Of cyber-P

Woa to tired to even walk lo. 2 weeks of work finally ended. for some reason kerja booking canopy was handed to me and another person. Who!? Why!??! Burn gila. Wah~~ Dah Weng dah… but the last one week lagi weng. almost one week have to spent at my friend house just to punggah barang to president square. haitz.. mati lo..

haitz it suppose to bring us more money but we burn even more money. haitz… BURN BURN >,< die die die. but I am glad to be the one to coordinate Cyber p coz i glad to meet up with new kind people that would be really helpful. THANK YOU ALL!! anyway. What are we selling? We sold Watermelon and honey dew juice. Yeah only 2 kind of juice. We also sold sirap ais and toast. ( sial kan?)

anyway agaknya most of our money is spend to the shop well because lapar….. pagi pagi makan roti bakar tuna.. hehehe Thanks Elly. HEHE Orang sebelah jual ABC cendol and some nuggets… Not much i can say but they did well to. all i can remember. shouting “WATERMELON, WATERMELON JUICE, MAri mari!! stuff like that.” WE have to lawan back ABC ABC ABC..!! hehehe..

anyway, the other shop is also kinda doing well. the one next to us is selling HotDogs and fresh juice also.. hurm… Their hotdogs kinda Ok coz They only put sausage and bread + mayo and sos. the shop behind them sold PIZZAHUT!! YEA PIZZZZZA!!!!!! i think i spent bout rm 25 makan pizza je. The last day of cyber p – i bought 9 pizza from them.. hehe (Pizza freak style)

The last shop is The girls accessories shop. the last shop is the chicken Sandwich and hotdogs, yup sedap~~~ to support all I went to ALL the Shop and buy stuff from them . I ment all~. semua bli. hehe tp best gak coz rasanya as one family even some of the earlier people who join cyber p class DROP> ( bangang punay orang) but all went well. But i hope that it had gone much better. Well hope all enjoy it and hope Everyone goes back to their normal routine of midterm , assignment and final exam Good luck all!!!

sorry notes. – sorry 4 being cranky

oh yea sorry hd for accidentally hit your car to the house gate

sorry matt hitting your house gate.

sorri pakcik curi daun pandan

Things i do not want to do anymore.

dancing, singing, and weng.,

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