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Anime character remind me of friends

I been waiting to write this down Sooooo long ago usually i forgotten about it and never did wrote it down. but One event took place just now that had made me to decide to write it down . What it is about? well i t about how some of my friends woh have similar traits like some anime character. (hehe no names will mention but nick name might pop up hehe)

Sagara Sasuke-Full Metal Panic – zium

Yeah. For some reason his name pop up everytime i see this picture.  I guess it is because this character is a military otaku/ military fan and mecha fan so it suits his the best. Yeah not only that, his eyes are always have this black spot because of studying so much. btw. he is the one who introduce the anime to me hehe . To zuim. HAVE A GREAT TIME STUDYING ABROAD. dun forget ur friends here..!!

teddymon -digimon – Teddy

YEah people call you teddy why? It a long story but your name came from this anime monster. hehe .Teddymon.  Hehe I cant find any similarity at all but you name will always be associate with this for me hehehe.. note. Good luck studying at a new place.  neva 4get ur friend here !!!

harima kenji-Penyu

Kes MAmat nie pun special . All i can remember is he tied his hair like this character, wore his glasses and had that weird facial hair. I could swear that he look 90 the same as Harima. mana tak nya Sikit2 pakai qoute dr anime School Rumble. hehe .Gud Luck 4 u to

Lelouch Lamperouge -reaper Lou

Ok the only reason i can think of remembering this guy is because He like This anime SO much. Sometime he also can hurt alot of people at the same time .hehe not much i can think of but HE IS EVIL. !!

hobo Pheonix  -GRR Plue

I cant think why Hobo pheonix came by but The same thing this character came to mind with grr plue is because This guy is freaking cool!! So relax. does not think much at all .Well i wanted to put Keichi From Ah my goddess But this guy fits much better.

More come in later. I cant think of anymore right now

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  1. teddymon
    April 9, 2008 at 12:28 am

    Don’T lEt The cuTe faCew fOOl yOu!!

  2. neo
    April 12, 2008 at 1:27 am

    mE waNt Moar !!!

  3. zuim88
    April 26, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    One thing I do not bring guns and grenades to school.And its freakin coold over here.At least the class was enjoyable.

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