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moar~ on anime lookialike

Neo~NaGI [negima]

for some reason The name negima popup for no reason. Maybe he lend me almost all the manga he had and i had finish 2-3 books per hour, i am not quite sure, but Because of it I am hooked to NEgIma. Oh yea he also had memorized negima Spell thingy that goes like this ” rastel nagi magistereru~ and some latin stuff”

KJ~Ayumu Kasuga[azumanga daioh]

I been looking around for one anime character But so far i cannot find one that suits him da best. But, the closest match i can find is her.  Main reason is She so Blur.. Blur… Blur.. anything you ask he go Blur~ hehehe

Mustang- Roy Mustang [FullMetal Alchemist]

Yup the name it slf show how craazy this guy towards Roy. that why i always see this guy as mustang. he also mastered the snapping finger with the gloves.. [Some reason we played around during high school]

Az___freedom- Shin Asuka [Gundam SEED]

YEahhis face reminds me alot of This crazy guy. but The real fact i want to put here they are  not the same. This guys Recommend me to watch GSD. Still i havent watch it. So guud.

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  1. Neo
    April 19, 2008 at 12:18 am

    u should really read negima’s newest episodes… ITS really GOOD !!

  2. teddymon
    April 19, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    SoKA!! That a lot anime look alike!!

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