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Muaha. Assignment almost over.

Ergh.. Dah dah.. Must focus on assignment. Must focus on assignment. too much codes. But it not  that bored. coz while i am at home and doin coding, I have time to spend chatting with the outside world . If not i just surf into youtube. Oh yea youtube is like my only TV. I can watch news there, Learn new stuff. and Even watch some anime coz i am too lazy to download and burn them.

Here one anime i been watching..

it call chi’s sweet home.

HAHA WHY I AM WATCHING THIS? i Dunno IT IS CO CUTE!!! HAHAHA. I feel like i want to adopt a cat. but since i am living in a apartment the management Do not allow it~ But this anime is enough. somehow how mad you are at somethings watching this just makes you simile. Even if you are really frustrated.

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  1. kyon22
    May 8, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    hahaha, aku dah lama habis assignment…

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