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what to write..

Ok one week pass by. and i dunno what to do anymore. so i compile some random stuff just to waste time. Muaha

NO 10…. PS Cat.

Hurm. i have nothing to do. why?? i dunno. i think i took this while i was studying at PS. sometime it get lonely when people leave you or you just want to be alone coz you got your own problems. The only company you get is these 3 cats.

no 9. Bond. He not bond.

Huem This guy? well he my house mate . hehe He gone to the prom. tu je.

No 8. Food 1

Just plain Bored.

No. 7 Free Pendrive

Yeap got a free 1 gb pendrive. Not much still free.

No 6. Ice cream

Ice cream, U scream, everybody SCREAM 4 Ice Cream~~!!!

No. 5 Bucket

Latest helmet. on da road.

No.4 sugar!!! SUGAR!!! sUgaR!!!

teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down, how about 6 5.5 l bottle??

No 3. Library~

Library, i dunno what to do.

No.2 Frogger.

Not dead frog. but, that how the word ” mati katak ” come from.

NO 1. ULAR SAWA (python)

Muahaha. there Was a Snake Some where in my kampung. YUP Well not tat big. just one meter long. or something like that. A wild one. Yeap  caught by Someone there. I went close there and had a glimps.  haha.

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