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What to do Now~? Go save Mode!

Dammit.The petrol Price just raised again. Fortunately I dun own and have a car. – Somehow it the only ups of not having a car. Since The petrol price had gone up, there nothing we can actually do about the price, but there something else we can do. -(i would not say anything bout the government because most of the bloggers already did their part so i am trying to find another way to see it.)

Yeah We might expect some daily product and needs price would go up. It just the matter of time. Me I dun have a long term plan but giving suggestion On what you can do to save money.

3- Use Public transport or carpool. – yeah It been done and said for a long time. Since public transport here sucks. I mean it it sucks. You need to bear with it. It will be beneficial if your are traveling alone or solo. think about it. You might be able to save -some- money and at the same time you can help the environment. But if you are traveling in a group of 4-5 It would be better to share a car. – Yeah i know some people will say, public transport is much Expensive, Public transport Is SLOW, Public transport Is not comfortable. – Please try looking it in a different perspective, At once help the environment. Global warming signs is already started.

2 – Alternative fuel or Eco friendly car . YEah I know. We Malaysian still did not embrace Eco Friendly and alternative fuel. The question is WHEN? I would like this to be sooner. YEah There might be cabinet meeting here and there, some changes here and there, and some comments on OH How _____ (censored words i would not put) is Malaysia With technology. I knwo We are not that advance. But WHY NOT? We have More then Dozens Of University That have engineering course, Bio Chemistry Course, Science Course. When Will we have graduates That can innovate and create a better fuel efficient Engine? – We have sent our student to Japan, New Zealand, and some other much advance country to study. Where The quality. Please I dun want people to talk bout government conspiracy, and Student only study for grade.- lets just Hope perodua and Proton Would produce such cars.

1-Learn how to save fuel.Save fuel Tips. HEre a link On tips on how to save fuel I can’t say much but Some simple tips are like dun leave ur engine on idle, dun accelerate to often and stuff. Jsut check out it might help.

OK i am not a professional In this kind of stuff. So i just post it just to spent time doin nothing.

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  1. teddymon
    June 6, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    1.Carpool maybe ok if you have someone going the same place with you
    2.Public transportation not efficient enough
    3.Global warming already started but nothing much we can do until someone from big companies take the big step of introducing green technology
    4.Hybrid cars have been denied entry to Malaysia like Toyoto Hybrid Car no idea when going to change!
    5.No matter you many students we sent to study we are still behind in various araes of technology for example India have started phone gaming technology 15 YEARS AGO, we just discover this a few years back, in other words we still depend on other to create better tomorrow which kinda sucks at the moment!

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