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Diskette, *Random Talk*



Gladly being among of people to be able to use 5″ Floppy disk still feel weird. Those disk are already dead. I am glad i did not have the chance to use Punch cards. Coz recently a friend ask if i had a floppy disk, guess what i do keep one in my bag. HAHA.. You may ask WHY THE HECK DO I NEED A FLOPPY DISK?? Well The reason I did keep one is because I USE it To STORE MY tutorial. HAA?? main reason i do not like to go bend down and go behing a PC to plug in A USB drive. The Disk Slot is in front So what the heck  JUST USE IT. HEy I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD WHO USE DISK. There is also one lecturer Who Use diskette to. She just slot it in ando open Word File. So The File is small It FIT on TO a Diskette!. THE BEST REASON WHY TO USE A FLopPY DISK IS>>>>>>>>>> NOBODY WANT TO STEAL IT FROM YOU!!.. THAT RIGHT!! I Accidentally LEft it behind at one of My lap Session. NO BODY TOOK it After ONE WEEK!! HAHA

One More thing i can do on this disk is Operate DOS. Why the heck I want to operate dos? Well i am bored. I did my scans in dos. With some knowledge that i learn from My Class, i can perform virus scan trough disk. IT AMAZING!! .

Why Bout diskette? Well Another reason is I scan trough most of My old disk that i hold here, -there still bout 50 more at home- and found out several intresting files that i Save on them since i was in High school. It is still there. Some time i wonder if it ever been corrupted. but amazingly the files is still there. BTW. There was also a virus in one of them.

There i compare several storage devices.  Disk, CD, DVD, SD. Micro Sd and USB.  You can see the Size diffrence between them .hahah .

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  1. nibee
    July 14, 2008 at 1:27 am

    ZOMG!!! Floppy disk… how old can u get?

  2. teddymon
    July 14, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    old school!!

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