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Braghwahaha. A MMU thingy.

Bragwrathg… MMU melaka Aircond is out of service almost one week. Lucky It is back running today. after 4 days trying to endure the heat it finally works. Well the good side of it we have the chance to finish class earlier then usual for every class. Mauahah..

Well lately several rumors have been in student circulation, among them were the possibility that MMU would be sold to another party.  Please do not freak out. In a way it is rumors. I know some will definitely disagree Wth my opinions and such that i would not rant on this blog. If you want to say stuff just talk to me, coz everybody have their own opinion, I just compile them and have my own opinion.

The other thing  would be the fact that there are additional fees implimented this semester. Yeah the IT fees. I would not rant this too coz There no point me ranting 10000 lines just to be spam of fight on things as simple as this. I know we have our rights, as students but showing it in an inproper medium is wrong and unhealthy.

There are several issues arise here, and i wish that everyone out there Do not Take the wrong measures to handle it.. — what i am talking bout?? hahah I am just bored. so i just want to write stuff. hehe.. adios.

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  1. teddymon
    July 20, 2008 at 1:58 am

    DuDe I sooo bored and ConFuse!!!
    What thE hEll ProJEctilE MotiON!!!
    ArHHH daMn ChaPteR 3!!!
    FeeS onLY rm100 MA! IF yoU caN pAy rm5000 For tUItion fee AnothEr rm100 Not goING to huRt thaT mucH!!!
    FrEE fooD in IT faIR?

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