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Duih Me Birthday.

BragH!!! i 20 years old. OMG I dun really know what to write  here.
maybe I post something later.


Brgah!!!!! Still blur.. There nothing to write…

It just a usual day. Nothing much to do but go to class, sleep, class eat.

———another edit——————-

Brrahh.. the only thing  i want is to go back home. (-.-)
not much I want to do on my 20 Bday. It really dun feel like celebrating with a bang.

——–more edit——————-
after few days. BRagh!! more things come up. I do not know how to respond to it.. among them is my Watch is now Dead. the batteries died off the next day of my birthday. Breawawa. Oh yea sorry for being so down on my birthday. I just want to go back home that all. Damn. there still 10 days to go back home. Stupid Camping trip date. F@*! for the people who have to go for “OHWEHAVESOMESTUPIDFEVENTTHATWENEEDTOATTENDSOWEHAVETODOTHECAMPINGTRIPONMONDaYSEMESTERBREAKBECOZ-
BECAUSEOFUS2YOUNEEDTOSACRIFICEYOURHOLIDAY” (-.-) If they Drop The subject they WILL pay for it. stupid “the need of the few outweight the need of the many”

Anyway, it seem that i begining to have my homesick thingy again… braehaiehaneoiajdnasidjandjiad..

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  1. Neo-Nagi
    July 28, 2008 at 1:38 am

    hahahaha ! dude ur as crazy as ever ! miss u being with the usual group man !!

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